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Sky Glue

Sky Glue Rose - Ultra Retention, Fastest Drying

Sky Glue Rose - Ultra Retention, Fastest Drying

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Sky Glue Rose is Sky Glue's new flagship Eyelash Extension Glue. Sky Glue S+ was our best seller because of it's superior bond, but we have improved on this formulation! 

Sky Glue Rose reestablishes the industry standards by increasing the retention and also improving dry time. Sky Glue Rose not only produces 25% MORE retention that S+, it also dries in a lightning fast 0.5 seconds! 

This glue was designed for the most precise professional artist looking for the greatest retention and provides greatest rate of retention of all our eyelash extension glues.

This eyelash extension glue is the choice for top eye lash professionals all over Korea and is quickly building a reputation as the Retention Queen in other countries as well. 

Sky Glue Rose has surpassed all expectations and has quickly become the new industry standard in retention and dry time - offering tremendous versatility for lash extension professionals.  

Size: 5ml

Glue Color: Black

Drying Time: 0.5seconds

Retention time: 7.5+ weeks (25% more retention than S+)

Recommended temperature: 74-82°F (23-28°C)

Recommended humidity: RH 50-70%

Latex Free & Formaldehyde Free

Sky Glue is professional product and is meant to only be used by professionals. This product is not suitable for strip lashes like Ardell. It is only meant to be used for eyelash extensions. 

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