Product Knowledge

Getting the most from Sky Glue

Many loyal customers have come to depend on Sky Glue because they have found that our products provide the longest lasting retention. Sky Glue S+ in particular, offers an industry leading 6-7 weeks of retention and is widely considered the best eyelash extension adhesive on the market.

Some of our newer customers have recently written to us because they did not achieve the same results initially. After some consultation, we were able to determine that it was because they were not using Sky Glue in the most optimal way.

Our mission and the purpose of this page is to arm our loyal customers with the knowledge they need to achieve the best results.  Remember, creating lash extensions is an art and a science that requires lots of skill and the ability to adapt to different variables. Even the most experienced lash artists will experience difficulty from time to time.

Consider this, as seasons and weather change, the environment in which you apply your eyelash extensions needs to be adjusted. Creating a strong bond requires the correct techniques and environmental settings.

We have created this knowledge page here to help you achieve the best possible results.


The importance of adjusting your humidity

Many lash artists know that it is important to check humidity levels before starting with your client. However, many people do not understand why it is so important to have an accurate humidity reading. Here is why you should always check your humidity levels:

Humidity affects how quickly Sky Glue will dry. If your environment is too humid, your glue will dry too quickly and you are not providing the strongest possible bond. An analogy that can be used is that of a child trying to imprint their footprint in wet cement on the sidewalk. The child will have the easiest time imprinting their footprint on the side walk while the cement is wet. However, it will be come more difficult to do this as the cement hardens. This is the same with Sky Glue. The bond is the strongest when the adhesive is the “wettest”. As the adhesive starts to dry (harden), the strength of the bond weakens because it is already hardening. This is one of the key reason that lash artists do not get the results they anticipate with Sky Glue.

If your environment is too dry, the glue may dry too slowly. In extremely dry environments, not having enough moisture  can affect the strength of the bond.


1) Get to a Hygrometer (humidity monitor) to accurately measure the humidity levels in the room when lashing. Do not use the weather report as a measure. The humidity levels can differ from inside and outside. It can even differ from room to room. Think of the basement vs second floor of your house. In some instances, many houses have cooler “wet” basements.

2) Select the adhesive that suits your pace of work – IMPORTANT! If you chose to work with an eyelash extension glue like Sky S or S+, you must work quickly. These glues have a thin consistency and only give you 1-2 seconds to place your extension. If you take longer than 1-2 seconds to apply, the glue will have already started drying. The glue will still adhere after 2 seconds, although it will produce a much weaker bond.

How to improve your speed:

  1. Set up your isolation first
  2. Dip the extension in Sky Glue
  3. Immediately apply the extension to the natural lash 
3) If your room is dry, add more humidity with a humidifier or use a dehumidifier if you have a humid work environment.


Adjust the Use Primer

Only use Primer when absolutely necessary. Primer contains alcohol and has a tendency to “over dry” the natural lash. The natural lash must have some moisture for Sky Glue to adhere to it. If the lash is too dry, Sky Glue will not adhere well. This is also reaffirms the importance of humidity control.

A cleanse and rinse is typically all that is need to prepare the lash for application.

Primer is only recommended for clients that are having retention issues due to oily lashes.

Be Clean!

Sky Glue needs a clean lash to grab onto. Residues and debris can create a barrier between the glue and the natural eyelash. This will weaken the bond of Sky Glue and create an immediate retention issue.

Use a cleanser to prepare your client’s lashes before each and every full set and fill. Clean the lash right down to the eyelid and in between each and every eyelash. Next, rinse well with water or saline. Gently pat dry, but not too dry. Remember, Sky Glue needs a little moisture on the eyelash to attach itself to the natural eyelash.

Adhesive loves a good clean lash to grab onto. Any residues or debris on the natural lash creates a barrier between the lash adhesive and the natural lash, which will of course result in a weaker bond.

Applying the Glue - Don’t Drag or Dab the Eyelash Extension

Applying the adhesive to the lash extension properly is important in creating a strong and lasting bond. We recommend gently dipping the lash extension into the adhesive between 1-3mm. Do not drag or dab the extension on the side of the dispenser, jade stone or glue ring. Dragging or dabbing the extension may create uneven distribution of the adhesive or a “dry spot” on the lash extension. This can create an uneven bond. Do not wipe, drag or dab off any excess adhesive.


Be Decisive, Precise and Apply – Don’t Fuss Around

Once you have applied Sky Glue to your lash extension, attach it to the natural lash in the exact angle you desire. Press and apply the extension at the BASE of the natural lash. This is where you will achieve the strongest bond. Hold for a second and release. If done correctly, the lash extension should not come off. Do not fuss around by “painting” or “coating” the natural eyelash. This is an old technique meant for thicker, slower drying glues.

Removing the lash extension from the natural eyelash after adhesive has been applied is also not recommended because it will create an undesired layer of glue on the natural eyelash.  Sky Glue has been developed to have a thin consistency and fast setting time. This requires decisiveness and precision. Do not paint, coat, wiggle or readjust the position – just leave it! Each time you adjust the extension after letting go, you weaken the bond and influence the retention.

Product Care


Unopened Bottles

The shelf life for unopened bottles of Sky glue is up to 6 months. Unopened bottles of Sky Glue can be stored in the refrigerator to extend shelf life for up to 8 months. Once ready to use, bring the glue into room temperature for a minimum of 1 hour. 

Opened Bottles

Once opened, all types of Sky Glue should be kept in a cool, dry place between use. Our recommendation is to store glue with a silica pack in an air tight container to prohibit moisture. Keep all bottles tightly closed and stored in an upright position. 

Shelf life of the glue is between 5-7 weeks after the bottle has been opened.