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Mission Statement

Welcome to Sky Glue's new home! Until now, there hasn't be a reliable source to purchase Sky Glue. 

We felt it was important to provide an affordable, easy and reliable way of purchasing the world's most popular and best eyelash extension glue. 

Sky Glue's philosophy has always been to produce a superior product at an affordable price. In the spirit of this, we will be providing free shipping to the US or Canada when you purchase two or more bottles for a limited time.

About Sky Glue

Sky Glue is the the most popular brand of eyelash extension glue amongst eyelash professionals all over the world. Sky Glue is perfect for Classic and Russian Volume. Sky Glue is known to have the best retention and is designed for intermediate and professional lash artists alike. 

Sky Glue is regarded as the best lash extension glue on the market. Lash professionals seeking the greatest retention use our lash extension adhesive exclusively. 

Only the highest quality medical approved ingredients are used. Each bottle of glue is made within a factory that is ISO 9001.16-Q-0263-03 and ISO 14001.19-E-0622-02 certified. 

If you are seeking a lash extension adhesive with great retention, please consider one our products

Sky Glue is the best eyelash extension glue and the best place to buy eyelash extension supplies.

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