The importance of adjusting your humidity

The importance of adjusting your humidity

Many lash artists know that it is important to check humidity levels before starting with your client. However, many people do not understand why it is so important to have an accurate humidity reading. Here is why you should always check your humidity levels:

Humidity affects how quickly Sky Glue will dry. If your environment is too humid, your glue will dry too quickly and you are not providing the strongest possible bond. An analogy that can be used is that of a child trying to imprint their footprint in wet cement on the sidewalk. The child will have the easiest time imprinting their footprint on the side walk while the cement is wet. However, it will be come more difficult to do this as the cement hardens. This is the same with Sky Glue. The bond is the strongest when the adhesive is the “wettest”. As the adhesive starts to dry (harden), the strength of the bond weakens because it is already hardening. This is one of the key reason that lash artists do not get the results they anticipate with Sky Glue.

If your environment is too dry, the glue may dry too slowly. In extremely dry environments, not having enough moisture  can affect the strength of the bond.


1) Get to a Hygrometer (humidity monitor) to accurately measure the humidity levels in the room when lashing. Do not use the weather report as a measure. The humidity levels can differ from inside and outside. It can even differ from room to room. Think of the basement vs second floor of your house. In some instances, many houses have cooler “wet” basements.

2) Select the adhesive that suits your pace of work – IMPORTANT! If you chose to work with an eyelash extension glue like Sky S or S+, you must work quickly. These glues have a thin consistency and only give you 1-2 seconds to place your extension. If you take longer than 1-2 seconds to apply, the glue will have already started drying. The glue will still adhere after 2 seconds, although it will produce a much weaker bond.

How to improve your speed:

  1. Set up your isolation first
  2. Dip the extension in Sky Glue
  3. Immediately apply the extension to the natural lash 

3) If your room is dry, add more humidity with a humidifier or use a dehumidifier if you have a humid work environment.

Sky Glue is considered the best in eyelash extension glue.

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