The Importance of Adjusting Your Eyelash Extension Glue in Low Humidity to High Humidity

The Importance of Adjusting to the Humidity – Eyelash Extension Glue in Low Humidity to High Humidity

If you live in a city where there are different seasons, you might find that your results will vary with the time of year it is. Using adhesive in the winter will be very different than the spring, summer or fall.

Here some tips for managing your results during the different seasons:

Working When the Heat is Running or in Low Humidity Environments

For many people, the winter months typically involve turning on your furnace to stay warm and comfortable. This can cause an issue because your heater will affect the humidity levels in your space. Your furnace typically creates an environment that is dry (low humidity) and this will create an issue if you do not adjust. This is an important point for our lashers in colder climates like in the Northern US States and in Canada.

All eyelash extension glues harden by coming into contact with moisture and it is important to adjust your humidity according to the glue that use.

For Sky Glue users, this means increasing the humidity in your room. For optimal performance with Sky Glue, your humidity levels must be between RH50-70%. This can be done by using a humidifier.

Although humidifiers can be a great in helping you achieve the right environment, it may still be difficult to get the optimal humidity levels when the furnace is running during the coldest months. In these types of situations, the best eyelash extension glue is Lady Black.  Lady Black has been designed for low humidity environments and for sensitive eyes. To achieve optimal results for Lady Black, the humidity levels must be between RH 20-45%.

Remember to always use a hydrometer to determine humidity.

Summer Lashing

Summer is a wonderful season, but presents different challenges for lash artists. Depending on the area you live in, summers can be very dry or very humid. As such, the best eyelash extension glue for you will depend on where you live. If you live in a place where you have very dry summers, then we would suggest you follow the suggests we have provided in the first part of this article. 

If you live in an area with high humidity in the summers, then we have another set of tips for you. 

Humidity speeds up the curing process for eyelash extension glues. If your humidity is high, then you need to use more eyelash extension glue to give you more working time. Not having enough glue can result in having the eyelash extension glue setting before the lash extension is attached. This can result in a weak bond and create a blooming affect (where lashes start popping off). Instead of using one drop of eyelash extension glue, use 2-3 drops together so it stays in a usable condition for a longer period or time. 

If you are applying eyelash extensions in high humidity, our recommendation would be to use Sky Glue. All of our Sky Glue products work optimally in RH 50-70%. If your humidity levels are too high, we recommend using a dehumidifier to adjust the temperature settings. 

Sky Glue is considered the best in eyelash extension glue supplies by top professionals.

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