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Sky Glue Type D+

Sky Glue

Sky Glue - Type D+
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Sky Glue type D+ was formulated based on the growing popularity and technique of Russian volume lashes.  Prior to volume lashes, artists would apply one extension to each natural lash base whereas the volume technique allows for multiple extensions to be added to a single lash base.  Many eyelash extension manufacturers have designed lash extensions specifically for volume lashes. Sky Glue D+ has been developed collaboratively with several eyelash extension manufacturers to produce the best adhesive for volume lashes. Sky Glue D+ has a thicker viscosity that is easy to work with and allows maximum retention, comfort and finish. 

There is no better adhesive for volume lashes than Sky Glue D+

 Size: 5ml

Glue Color: Black

Drying Time: 1-2 seconds

Retention time: 4-6 weeks

Recommended temperature: 74-82°F (23-28°C)

Recommended humidity: RH 50-70%
Latex Free & Formaldehyde Free
Sky Glue is professional product and is meant to only be used by professionals. This product is not suitable for strip lashes like Ardell. It is only meant to be used for eyelash extensions. 

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